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Naked in Nature {“One Moment Shifts” 5.1.2018}

Naked in Nature

I, as well as ba-zillions of others, find that being in nature allows for the most incredible calming, inspiring, and healing opportunities. There’s tons of cool research and articles out there about why exactly being away from the concrete jungle and instead among the trees and fresh air is so dang rejuvenating. You don’t need me to reiterate that. What I will share is that for me it’s like how I imagine toddlers feel running around outside naked: care free, alive, joy, bliss, content with the moment.

Why is that? For me, nature has a lot to do with vulnerability. When we talk about vulnerability, it’s like talking about being exposed. Meaning, our true thoughts, emotions, opinions, passions, etc. are out on the table. That means others get to react to them. Our egoic self cares a lot about this and seeks approval. It takes bravery to be “naked” and feel rooted in our own knowing of our inherent worth and goodness (and that it is not contingent on any one else’s reactions).

That can feel really scary, but the thing is, when we are most vulnerable is when we are most open. Vulnerability leads to being receptive to inspiration, creativity, and connection to our authentic self. When we are “naked” we are exactly as we are and can find deep joy in that. We can find this most readily in nature.

I am a lover of camping, cycling, kayaking, hiking, snow shoeing and generally any outdoor explorations and adventures. It’s during these adventures I’ve felt my most at peace (like when staring at a mountain, gazing over the top of a glacier, staring at the stars), and at other times the most at my wits end (like when I’m bonking at mile 92 of a 100 mile bike ride, or when a bear is trying to eat my snacks from the kayak on shore while I’m out in the lake). When in nature I immediately go inward. I reconnect. I recharge.Perhaps these are the reasons that for someone like me (anxious since day one, over achiever, worry wart, chronic people pleaser, over-busy-planner) finds being in nature so powerful. It is in nature that I can just be. The trees don’t care about my achievements. The starts don’t see my “flaws.” The owls don’t give a hoot (see what I did there?!) about my mistakes. The lakes don’t understand popularity contests. There’s no need to seek approval and there’s no fear of rejection. When out in nature, it’s all internal! And it’s a reminder of how small my “problems” really are.

Nature is, as I stated above, where I can fully recharge and reconnect. Without the external distractions, when I’m free to be “naked,” I am fully with my essence and the energy of all that is bigger and greater than me. I can be reminded of who I truly am (and it’s not my roles, responsibilities, identity). I can connect with my inner strengths, love, and my intentions for healing for myself and the world. After some time amerced in the wonders of nature, when I return to my day-to-day life, I can take this with me. It informs who I am, how I am, and what I give back to the world.
Peace and love on your self-discover journey!
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