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Authentic Rising Society


This is a FREE, private Facebook Community. Anyone can join in and participate. The mission of Authentic Rising Society is to create community around a common goal; discovery of what’s keeping us from realizing our authentic self, and how to honor and cultivate true self.
Location: Facebook: Authentic Rising Society
Registration: You can ask to be a member and I’ll gladly get ya in!


Authentic Rising: Focus & Mentoring Groups

Next Group: Fall 2020 – Begins Oct 25

I will be offering 3 month focus and mentoring groups focusing on the mission of Authentic Rising. These private, small groups will be nurturing and supportive of our personal journeys to realizing our authentic self, removing the barriers to living from our pure potential, and creating a life of peace and joy that we have been yearning for. These groups are for those who are hearing the call and feeling the pull to realize and live from their true self.

*The group will include weekly video lessons from myself, video responses to questions, guided meditations/practices, ongoing dialogue and support, and other supportive activities to dive deep into self-exploration and allow authentic self to rise.

*This group also includes 3 one on one calls/video chats with me, Kathleen Michelle, and access for questions throughout the 3 months.

More information HERE

Location: Private Facebook Group

Registration: HERE
Pricing:  $ 354


Clear Fears for Abundant Living: Online Course – on demand!

Clear Fears for Abundant Living is a 6 module course to guide you in busting through the blocks that keep you from living that amazing, fulfilling life that you so strongly desire. It comes straight to your inbox and includes

  • over 2 hours and 40min of video lesson content,
  • guided meditations,
  • and worksheets to go with each lesson.
  • Plus, there are bonuses just for you!

Clearing out fears has been a HUGE part of my journey to healing and living a life of absolute ABUNDANCE.
I used to feel trapped in my stories of not being good enough and that having enough love, success, or joy just wasn’t possible for me.
I was wrong. WAY wrong!
This course takes you through exactly what I’ve done (and still do) to help me bust through those blocks.
Now it’s your turn!

Want to know my journey and why this course is so near and dear to me? Awesome. I’d love to share that with you! Go HERE to learn  more!

Awakening Maitri: A Community for Self-Compassion


This is a free and open Facebook Community. Anyone can join in and participate. This is where healing happens. This is a community of folks interested in healing their relationship with themselves using self-compassion. Maitri is essentially a friendly relationship with yourself.
Location: Facebook: Awakening Maitri: A Community for Self-Compassion
Registration: You can ask to be a member and I’ll gladly get ya in!


Self-Compassion Online Course – on demand!

We’ll learn about what self-compassion actually is and how it’s different from other forms of positive self-talk, how it busts through shame, fear and other self-critical beliefs, and how you can start using self-compassion now for a life of resilience, strength, creativity, and ya know, actually liking yourself just as you are!

All parts of this course come straight to your inbox. This course includes:

*8 video lessons
*4 Q&A videos (previously recorded)
*Journal prompts for self-discovery
*Worksheets and activities to try

You’ll also get a couple of bonuses!
*Mindfulness 101 video
*Self-Compassion journal pages you can print

Register Here
Cost: $240


Stay In Joy – Virtual Workshop

Originally aired: Sunday, March 23  3-5pmCT

“DONATE WHAT YOU WANT” – donations support No Kid Hungry

Guest Teacher: Lori Lorenz of Pixie Dust LLC

Guest Meditation Teacher: Tom Glaser, author of “Full Heart Living”