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Patiene is Required for Evolution – from “One Moment Shifts”

“Patience Is Required for Evolution”
I belong to a self-care focused Facebook group. One of the members posted a little reminder: “Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.” This could mean different things to many different people. To me, it was a reminder to focus on one practice at a time.

When we begin our mindfulness practice, we might start to discover (or at least be more honest with ourselves) various parts of ourselves that we don’t really like. We might discover we are reactive, that we take on too much in order to hide from relationships, that we don’t truly love ourselves, that we want more supportive people in our lives, that we hang out with too many critics, etc. Then, since we want to feel better and have a more fulfilling life, we decide to conquer it all.

A lesson I have learned in my life (along with all the other chronic over-functioners out there), is that I can accomplish most everything I put my mind to…but not all at once. When I try to take on too much all at once I end up doing a lot, but nothing as well as I’d like, and I feel overwhelmed and disheartened. This includes my mindfulness and spiritual practice. When I try to “fix” everything on my personal and spiritual “to do” list all at the same time, very little progress gets made. Ironically, in efforts to make a lot of change at once, I keep myself stuck-er.

I can’t change over night and I can’t magically make something that takes time to develop appear with a snap of my fingers. There is such beauty in the process of change. We at times avoid or cower from all the emotions and thoughts that develop when we choose to take on change. It’s normal to not want to hang out in suffering. However, when we can have patience for our own evolution, the lessons that come from our shifts in perceptions (what A Course In Miracles refers to as a miracle), are invaluable. When we skip the patience, we don’t get miracles.

There are so many aspects of our lives and of our complex selves. It’s okay to take one “project” on at a time. For instance, focusing on a mindfulness practice that increases self-compassion, or ways to cultivate deep connections with others. I like to devote 1 month at a time to something on my list. At times, I sense I’ve made as much progress as I am supposed to for that time and I “move on” sooner, or I might decide to stay on the same “project” for another month.

We are all ever evolving. Like anything else in nature, we need time. Even in the Winter when all seems dormant, important processes are happening that prepare the Earth for the bloom of Spring. Patience and compassion goes a long way in helping us remain open. Choosing one practice or focus at a time will lead to a more valuable, deeper understanding towards true change and personal evolution.

I wish you well and many miracles along your path.

Peaceful travels on your journey to your happiest self!
Kathleen Sprole
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