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You know that Mindfulness is a powerful strategy. You know that after one practice you feel better. You know that after a period of time you can….

  • reduce stress

  • find inner peace

  • increase mental, emotional and physical resilience

  • increase compassion for yourself and others

  • connect to your true self

  • improve your relationships

  • open the door to living your best life

BUT….it’s hard to stick with a practice all alone.

AND….it’s confusing to know what to do when in your journey.

PLUS….it’s hard to look all this up when you don’t have much time to begin with.

I totally get it. Been there, done that.

One Moment Mindfulness addresses all of that so that you are supported, guided, and consistency is built in for you. 



Here’s how it works in the OMM Membership:

You’ll be in a private online group (on Facebook, you can get the content emailed to you as well).

Each week will have its own theme and you’ll get:

  • a video lesson on Mindfulness in real life

  • a guided Mindfulness practice

  • a guided activity to bring the weekly intention into your every day life

  • prompts for your journaling and self reflection pleasure

  • live Q&A session

Plus, there will be ongoing discussion, support, and a space to learn without judgment or pressure.


You’ll also get bonuses. I love giving stuff away. So you can expect some bonus material each¬† month.



When you sign up now you will get these BONUSES!

  • Access to previous 2 months of OMM content

  • “Get Your Brain Back & Calm the Nervous System” guided meditation for stress

  • Members only offers for savings on One Moment Center events


One Moment Mindfulness Membership is for:

Those who are new to Mindfulness

Those who have had years of practice and study

Anyone curious about how to bring Mindfulness into their life

Anyone ready to go inward and make some pretty dang awesome shifts in their life


Ready to join?

You can get in now as a Members for only $19/month

(that’s only 63 cents a day, or 4 fancy lattes)


Click here and let’s begin our journey together!

I know how powerful a Mindfulness practice can be. I’ve seen so many (including me!) have amazing transformations in their lives….just by learning how to bring Mindfulness into their every day life.


I also know that it’s easy to lose focus and get lost.


Without consistent and convenient ways to practice and learn, and a supportive community, whatever we start can fizzle out quickly.

I’m glad you’ll be joining us over at One Moment Mindfulness!