Mindfulness for Transformation.

One Moment Mindfulness

Start the 6 Step OMM Transformation Journey

A 6 step path from stressed and lost to calm, clear, on purpose and living from your True Self


Doors close Jan 5!

OMM Membership opens twice a year.

I can't promise the price will stay this low the next time it opens. If you're thinking of joining, now is the time!

The reality is that this journey COULD be difficult, confusing and frustrating. 

When I first started my Mindfulness journey, I was totally throwing darts in the dark. I didn’t know what I was doing or if I was doing it “right.” Through attending Zen meditation centers, reading books, listening to some of the most profound teachers, and just diving in, I learned a ton.

I cannot wait to pass this on to you in a way that is not only guided, but to provide access to me so we can be on this journey together. 

How the OMM Membership works

You’ll get immediate access to

  • the One Moment Mindfulness Path – a 6 step journey to your best life
  • your own membership portal
  • the Private Group on Facebook
  • past OMM content (binge on the videos and meditations all you want!)

Each step of the journey will include…

  • Videos with information and real-life tips and tricks
  • Downloadable mantras
  • Recorded meditations
  • Journal prompts
  • Downloadable activity worksheets
  • Ongoing support from the group and access to me!
  • And more (I love to over deliver!)


Choose how you do it!

Each week you’ll receive an email with the next step on the journey.

Or you can dive in wherever you’d like and revisit content as you’ll have immediate access to it all in your membership account area

When you’re an OMM Member, you also get

  • Live practices, “Happy Hour” invites, and Q&A time
  • First notice and dibs at registration for upcoming OMC events and OMM Member exclusive pricing
  • Bonuses as we go along….’cause I love to bring you the best!


Why become a Member?

You know the benefits of Mindfulnes, BUT….it’s hard to stick with a practice all alone.

AND….it’s confusing to know what to do when in your journey.

PLUS….it’s hard to look all this up when you don’t have much time to begin with.

I totally get it. Been there, done that.

In the One Moment Mindfulness Membership  you are always supported, guided, and I will bring the consistency to you.

More than a Membership.  OMM is a community of like minded folks ready to live life more grounded, balanced and at peace… no matter what.

OMM Membership is a place for discussion, support, and a space to learn without judgment or pressure.

Ready for the Transformation Journey?


 The entire 6 Step OMM Transformation Journey and Membership (including all the goodies) is only $132 for 6 months

(that’s only$22/month…less than $1/day!)


Click here and let’s begin our journey together!

What other's are saying about the

OMM Membership:

“The biggest benefit I have gotten out of the membership are the numerous resources I am provided each week. The best part is that she is very open to questions or any thoughts I have. Being a member has greatly enhanced my own practice.” – John B


“Through the One Moment membership she shares a ton of content that allows me to stay mindfully focused throughout my week. She focuses on weekly topics from relationships to setting intentions with specific meditations and activities. I love the content for self care and needed mindful focus. The cost is truly minimal for the content I get.” – Angela B.

Want more form the OMM Membership?

Add to your Membership experience by becoming a VIP!

The small investment of $54 adds:

6 live group coaching sessions

6 Yoga Practices

6 Yoga Nidra Sessions