Mindfulness for Transformation.

This is what drives me and HEALS me..

My Mission, My Reason Why:
To bring more love to the world by healing the only relationship there is.


I’m laying my heart out for you today. I’m sharing with you not only what drives the mission of One Moment Center, but also my personal “why.”  This is so deeply personal to me and I’m loving that I get to share it with you. 

First a lil’ background: I was introduced to Mindfulness through the world of academia. When I started facilitating Mindfulness modules in group therapy, I started to feel something tell me, “Girl, you need to do this!!!” So I started fumbling around with Mindfulness practices. 

My whole life changed….and it’s because I was changing.

Beyond feeling more resilient to stress and being able to calm my anxious mind, something profound was happening.

Every time I got still and went inward, I started to feel guided by something bigger than me. I connected with something providing me intuition and inspiration. It’s wise, loving, and powerful. To this day, I don’t call it anything specific – Energy, Universe, God, Spirit, Life Force.

This force guided me to resources, teachers and lessons that opened my eyes and my mind more and more.

I was HEALING wounds that I didn’t even know I had, and it became apparent to me that these wounds were behind all of my stress, poor relationship decisions, frantic need to stay busy, and more.

Then after reading parts of “A Course In Miracles,” one of the main messages hit me so hard it was like I got the wind taken out of me.

We’re all here to heal.
When we heal one relationship, we heal them all. 


The relationship with your Self will reflect in every relationship in your life. If your relationship with YOU is wounded and lacks love, this will show up over and over again in all your relationships, including with food, your body and health, money, and opportunities.
And you guys, I can 100% attest to this!

I now know it’s my purpose to bring more love to the world – and I can only do this by healing my relationship with ME. I only have control over my relationship with me, and the more I heal me and love me, it can’t help but bring more love to the world. It’s the same for you, too!

All that I put into One Moment Center (from weekly-ish e-mails, virtual workshops and courses, to retreats) are inspired by this mission:

To bring more love to the world and helping others heal the only relationship there is – the one with yourself. 


From every cell of my heart: Thank you for being here. Thank you for letting me share this with you. May you find healing and bring more love to the world.