Mindfulness for Transformation.


I know how powerful a Mindfulness practices can be. I’ve seen so many (including me!) have amazing transformations in their lives. 

I also know that it’s easy to lose focus, feel confused or stuck, and simply lose momentum.

Without consistent and convenient ways to practice and learn, and a supportive community, whatever we start can fizzle out quickly.

OMC has two memberships to help.

One Moment Mindfulness

6 Step OMM Transformation Journey

The doors are NOW OPEN!

Join by May 7th to start the 6 Step Path for Transformation.

One Moment Mindfulness Membership is NOW OPEN!

Doors close May 7!

The OMM Membership doors open only twice a year.

I cannot promise the price will remain the same next time the doors open.

If you're considering joining and getting the path to your True Self started, I would highly recommend joining now.



Weekly Calm

Monthly Subscription of weekly meditation practices


This monthly subscription delivers weekly.

If you're looking for a weekly practice that comes to you, this is perfect.

Mindfulness for grounding, calming, balance, and principles of Mindfulness. 

Weekly Calm is included in the OMM Membership.