Mindfulness for Transformation.


I know how powerful a Mindfulness practices can be. I’ve seen so many (including me!) have amazing transformations in their lives. 

I also know that it’s easy to lose focus, feel confused or stuck, and simply lose momentum.

Without consistent and convenient ways to practice and learn, and a supportive community, whatever we start can fizzle out quickly.

OMC has two memberships to help.

One Moment Mindfulness

6 Step OMM Transformation Journey


Doors close November 1!

Doors to the One Moment Mindfulness Membership close November 1.

This is the last time to join the Membership at the Founding Members investment level. 

The OMM Membership won't open again for 6 months, and never again at this price. 



Weekly Calm

Monthly Subscription of weekly meditation practices


This monthly subscription delivers weekly.

If you're looking for a weekly practice that comes to you, this is perfect.

Mindfulness for grounding, calming, balance, and principles of Mindfulness. 

Weekly Calm is included in the OMM Membership.