Hi, I’m Kathleen Michelle and I’m so glad you’re here! I started One Moment Center for a reason…and it’s a big deal.

A bit about who I am

I’m an anxious person. I grew up with self-doubt and beliefs that I can never be “enough.” These self-critical thoughts plagued me through my academic career, as a competitive athlete, as a female living in this body-shaming culture, in my friendships and in my dating life. I became an expert at avoiding myself by keeping busy, taking on too much, and never sitting still.

I had no idea that when I started facilitating Mindfulness modules as a group therapist that I would start to feel more at peace, more aware of myself, and develop a strong desire to grow. The seed was planted and I began to practice Mindfulness on my own. At first it was really difficult. felt uncomfortable and I had no idea what I was doing. Through fumbling around and trial and error I became more and more comfortable going inward, putting space between the thoughts, and listening to what I now refer to as my Inner Wisdom or Authentic Self.

As much as Mindfulness is simply the choice to be aware in the moment, this became a spiritual practice for me. I don’t mean religious. I mean I found that when I began learning the principles and actually using the practices of Mindfulness, I began a journey of self-discovery and healing. I began to evolve and had a deep yearning to know my internal world, as if it was the best kept secret ever.




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How One Moment Center came to be

Mindfulness brought peace, love, passion, and a sense of purpose to my life I never thought possible. I wanted to offer to others what was offered to me. I strive to be of service to others. I created OMC to create for others what I wish I could have had….direction and guidance, a path, a community.

OMC began with Mindfulness based self-care sessions in a yoga studio.  It grew to workshops that focused on the principles of Mindfulness to help reconnect with inner wisdom and authentic self, to develop inner peace no matter what, live life from passion and purpose, and more.

Along the way, I continued to evolve and grow. I became more clear about the purpose of OMC: helping others connect with their true, authentic, inherently powerful, happiest selves. Mindfulness, bringing awareness to our moments, is the foundation to realizing all of these.

One Moment Center provides Mindfulness Experiences for Transformation.

Why OMC is a big deal

I believe we are all here to heal (ourselves and to aid in the healing of others).

When we take care of the moments, the years take care of themselves. And when we heal as individuals, we help in healing the whole world.

I truly believe that if we are in touch with our truest, most authentic, inherently powerful and radiant selves, we can change our life and change our world. We can live life connected to an inner wisdom that helps us live life on purpose. One person, one moment, at a time.


The values I bring to OMC

I believe that connection is healing – This is why I want to connect with each and every one of you! My vision is to create a community of

I believe in integrity – This means I follow through with what I teach.

I believe in the power of vulnerability – Vulnerability is the foundation of trust and busting through shame. I promise to be vulnerable and patient. We’re all on this journey together.

I believe in honesty – I’m a real person. I have stuff I’m working on, and will continue to have stuff to work on until the day I die. I love honestly sharing my life examples from the past and the present.








Kathleen’s professional bio:

Kathleen is a mental health therapist, founder of One Moment Center, and speaker. She has been using Mindfulness strategies to help others improve their overall well-being and enjoys helping others connect with their authentic, inherently powerful, happiest selves. In addition to her own personal practice, she has completed the Advanced Mindfulness Certificate course led by author and presenter, Donald Altman LPC.