Mindfulness for Transformation.

What you’ve been searching for will never be found out there

All along it’s been waiting within you

The beat of your heart

The pause at the end of your exhale

The stillness between your thoughts

The vibration of your True Self has been calling for you to return

Mindfulness is the key that opens the door


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Mindfulness Basics (and then some) Video Lesson
In this video I talk about what exactly Mindfulness is, how it changes the brain, the benefits of a regular practice, and how it helps us open up to the opportunities of self-discovery and healing.
Mindful Basic Meditation Guided Audio Meditation
This is a simple, easy to follow, guided meditation. Using Mindfulness strategies, we observe our experience (thoughts, body sensations, emotions) without analyzing, clinging, or striving. We end with 2 minutes of meditation focusing on the breath. Enjoy!

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Have you tried a grounding meditation? Use Mindful awareness to settle into the present.