One Moment Center offers Mindfulness experiences for transformation.


For those who feel out of balance


For those on the race track of life….

but no matter how hard or fast you go, you’re getting nowhere


For those wanting to finally heal and discover your truth


I have the strategies to transform your life.


What would life be like if you always felt balanced, had unshakeable inner peace, aligned with your passions and purpose, and confidently knew how to stay on a path of healing and evolving into your greatest self?




About my approach…and why Mindfulness

I’m so glad you’re here!

Mindfulness changed my life. It’s where my journey from miserable (and I didn’t even know it) to pretty dang awake and awesome began.

Mindfulness is the foundation of my continuing practice of self-discovery, healing and evolving…..and the foundation of One Moment Center.

Mindfulness simply asks us to be aware of our current moment.

Awareness wakes us up to our pain, suffering, wounds, and what’s keeping us from inner peace and knowing our true self.

Awareness gives us choice – we can respond according to our values instead of reacting out of fear and pain. 

In this choice is our inherent power. You see, once we know we are suffering, we finally have the power to choose healing, inner peace and abundance. 

In turn, Mindfulness is the key to transformation and realizing our highest self.

Connecting the latest research and tools from Mindfulness, neurosciences, psychology, and spiritual teachings, One Moment Center offers experiences for well-being,  self-discovery, and healing.


Friends, you already have the power to transform. Let me show you how…..


(Grounding Meditation – Using Mindfulness to Be Present in Your Experience)

When we focus on the moments, the years take care of themselves. I invite you to slow down, turn your focus inward, and realize your authentic abilities for compassion, resilience and happiness.



Take my hand, let’s get started!

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Mindfulness Basics (and then some) Video Lesson
In this video I talk about what exactly Mindfulness is, how it changes the brain, the benefits of a regular practice, and how it helps us open up to the opportunities of self-discovery and healing.
Mindful Basic Meditation Guided Audio Meditation
This is a simple, easy to follow, guided meditation. Using Mindfulness strategies, we observe our experience (thoughts, body sensations, emotions) without analyzing, clinging, or striving. We end with 2 minutes of meditation focusing on the breath. Enjoy!

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