Save Your Spot! Mindfulness Retreat: Explore the Authentic

Mindfulness Retreat: Explore the Authentic
June 22-June 24, St Croix River/William O’Brien State Park

This is a 3 day experience where we can take full advantage of being away from the day-to-day. While exploring nature, we’ll also be exploring how Mindfulness can take us deep into a connection with our Authentic Self. When we are connected with our Authentic Self (instead of our role self, Ego, obligations and pressures) we can live a life connected with purpose, passion, peace, and an inherent power that is stronger than you may have ever thought possible.
Oh… and we’re for sure going to have some fun!!! (Woot woot!)
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Naked in Nature {“One Moment Shifts” 5.1.2018}

Naked in Nature

I, as well as ba-zillions of others, find that being in nature allows for the most incredible calming, inspiring, and healing opportunities. There’s tons of cool research and articles out there about why exactly being away from the concrete jungle and instead among the trees and fresh air is so dang rejuvenating. You don’t need me to reiterate that. What I will share is┬áthat for me it’s like how I imagine toddlers feel running around outside naked: care free, alive, joy, bliss, content with the moment.

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Self-Compassion Online Course through OMC starts Feb 1!

Staring Thursday, OMC’s Self-Compassion Online Course will be taking off! We’ll dive into figuring out what exactly is Self-Compassion (and how it’s different from self-esteem, affirmations, and other positivity trainings), why Self-Compassion busts shame and self-critical thoughts and beliefs, and how to start bringing it into your life now.
Most of us have spent so much time focused outside of our self and building a critical voice, it’s a struggle to offer ourselves gentleness, kindness, love, and forgiveness. Continue reading “Self-Compassion Online Course through OMC starts Feb 1!”