Mindfulness for Transformation.

THIS JUST IN! (Em)Body Divine: A Course in Embracing Your True Radiance – REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

(Em)Body Divine is a 4 session course that will guide you to transform your relationship with your body; to accept, honor, and love your body. Sound impossible? We have been internalizing messages since the day we were born about what our bodies should look like, do, and be used for. We’re taught that our bodies are directly correlated with our worth, value, what we can achieve, what relationships we are allowed, etc. It’s time to break free from these myths and begin enthusiastically embodying your divine essence!

We’ll clear out our negative and erroneous thoughts about our bodies and our worth. We’ll learn to connect with our natural and powerful feminine bodies in a way that helps us live our life with passion. This is absolutely possible. It is possible, and critical, to now heal your mind and your heart and begin embodying your divine.

(Em)Body Divine will include mindfulness (awareness without judgment) practices to connect with and honor our bodies and listen deeply to our inner wisdom.

This is a small group practice to encourage a sense of safety and nurturing. This is a place to share about your own practice and hear about others’ discoveries. (This course is designed for women only as some issues and topics addressed are specific to women.)

You will come away with:

An understanding of our culture’s impact on the development of body shame
Tools to clear out fear thoughts and limiting beliefs about your body (and your self!)
An understanding of what the F-word (Forgiveness) has to do with loving and accepting you
A newfound love, acceptance and compassion for your body (and your self!)
The confidence to honor your purposes, passions, and natural knowing
A sense of alignment between your body and your spiritual self
Mindfulness tools and techniques to connect with your body

Each participant will have access to a private Facebook group for ongoing discussion, reminders, and exercises/tools to try between sessions.

Saturdays 9:30am-12:00pm
March 19
April 2
April 16
April 30
(That’s 10 hours total!)

Location: First Unitarian Society, 900 Mt Curve, Mpls

You are invited to participate in a Super Special Spa Day!
This will include a rejuvenating mindfulness practice, manicure by Jamberry, skin care by ItWorks, and more!
Saturday April 2, 9:30am-12:30pm
Location: TBD

Registration: www.tinyurl.com/omcEmBody
Early Registration (before Dec 31): $165 ($155 punch card holders)
Regular Registration (Jan 1- Feb 15): $175 ($165 punch card holders)
Late Registration (Feb 16-Feb 27): $185 ($175 punch card holders)

Super Special Spa Day:
If you sign up at the same time you register: $20
If you sign up after the course begins: $25

Questions? Contact Kathleen at omc.mpls@gmail.com