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Join me in Buenos Aires, Argentina! (YES – For REAL!)

Hey OMC friends!
I have been biting my tongue and sitting on my hands with anticipation…I can now officially let you know about this super exciting opportunity!
Get your passion for life on in Buenos Aires, Argentina! I’d like to invite you to join me in this exciting experience:
March 5-12, 2016 I will be traveling to Buenos Aires, Argentina to take part in “Living as Art: The Art of Passion,” a Red Tent Adventure Trip.

Here’s the deal…..
I will be a participant, and will also lead a “Mindfulness Movement” session, and two optional workshops on “Discovering Your Passions to Live Life on Purpose”  and  “Clearing Barriers to Realizing and Living Your Passions.”

Here is a description written by Vivi, the amazing woman who has created Red Tent Adventures:
“Red Tent Adventure trips are designed specifically for women. They inspire you beyond regular “tours” by delving …

into the culture of each place. In this case we will experience tango, one of the most passion filled dances in the world, in its birthplace, one of the most sophisticated and passion filled cities in the world.”This is a truly amazing and inspiring opportunity, and I hope you will join me in Buenos Aires in March, 2016!!!

Space is limited. To get the complete information about
the trip and to register, visit

www.redtentadventure.comHAVE QUESTIONS?
There are informational meetings that you can attend to learn more about Red Tent Adventures, “The Art of Passion” event, Vivi, how I will be involved, etc.
Wed 10.21.15 6:45pm at Dunn Bros on Grand Ave in St Paul, MN
Sat 10.24.15 10:00am at Good Earth at the Galleria in Edina, MN

Sat 10.31.15 10:00am at Good Earth at the Galleria in Edina, MN
Sun 11.1.15 3:00pm at OMC (address given to those who RSVP) in Minneapolis, MN

You can also go to the Red Tent Adventure website at www.redtentadventure.com

Interested in doing this trip with your partner? Good news! There’s an option for March 14-21! http://www.redtentadventure.com/collections/frontpage/Buenos-Aires

I hope you choose to join me in Argentina!
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Vivi Szleifer
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Up coming adventure: BUENOS AIRES TANGO
MARCH 2016 Learn more at www.redtentadventure.com