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Practice With Kathleen Michelle


“My  Time” 

Wednesdays 5:30-6:15pm CT




“4 Pack” Practices

These series come in groups of 4 or 6 practices. Dive into a specific theme (i.e., Self-Compassion, Awakening the Heart, Letting Go) with practices designed to go deep. You can expect  Mindfulness practices, meditation, movement, sound, mudras (hand positions), and mantras to be incorporated in each practice.


Half Day Resets

Take a half day to reset your mind, body and energy. You can expect yoga, meditation, and other mindfulness based practices.

Each Half Day Reset follows a 4 Pack Practice Series.


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Group Programs

Authentic Rising Focus & Mentoring Group

12 weeks starting October 25

More information here



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Experiences, Adventures & Retreats

Creativity & Abundance – Home Day Retreat

Saturday, January 23rd

Experience a day of creating abundance in your life…..and have some fun with it!

This day will include meditation, yoga, self-reflection, discussion and creative projects.
You will walk away with an understanding of how to create true abundance that brings you more joy…and serves the world!





Women’s Mindfulness Days are held quarterly


For upcoming dates and more information go HERE



Self-Renewal In Nature: A Weekend on the St Croix

Friday-Sunday June 18-20, 2021. Start and end at William O’Brien State Park, MN.

This is will be a weekend certain to deepen your practice and support your self-discovery journey.

This is a 3 day experience where we can take full advantage of being away from the day-to-day. While exploring nature, we’ll also be exploring how Mindfulness can take us deep into a connection with our inner wisdom and natural knowing, our innate self healing abilities, and ways to continue a life of peace, joy and well-being.

TO SAVE YOUR SPOT and register for this event:  REGISTRATION NOT YET OPEN.


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