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All for One & One for All

December 2014 One Moment SHIFT: “All for One & One for All”

Oneness is where it’s at. This topic is one of my favorites. It’s also a great lesson to come back to around the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and remembering the, “reason for the season.” When it comes down to it, our path to happiness is paved with the mindset of “all for one, and one for all.”

The importance of Oneness (the mindset that we are not separate, but all connected) is repeated throughout many religious and spiritual teachings. It is also at the core of the teaching of A Course In Miracles. (If you have not yet heard of ACIM, google it, you’ll like it!) ACIM is simply a course in mental and spiritual shifts that bring our thoughts back to love and forgiveness and away from fear. Don Miguel Ruiz also speaks of this Oneness in his book, The Fifth Agreement.

So here’s the deal, when we realize that we are all connected (through whatever makes sense to you – energy, nature, the holy spirit, the desire to be happy), we realize how we treat others is how we are treating ourselves. Take a minute to think about that. When we’ve had moments of being disrespectful (to someone we care deeply for, an acquaintance, or a stranger), we are also disrespecting our own values (to be kind, compassionate, do no harm). When I am mean to others, I abandon myself.

We also tend to treat others how we feel about ourselves. Hurt people hurt people. When we don’t love ourselves, we treat others in unloving ways. And this has a lot to do with Oneness. We are all connected. When one person is liberated to love him/herself unconditionally, this liberates others to do the same.

Taking this a bit further, we can think about how, if we are going with the theory that we are all connected in some way and that we are all truly One, then if I am unkind to someone I am hence being unkind to myself. Ya know, as if we are the same person ( or insert spiritual word here that is to your liking – spirit, energy, etc) in different human bodies (the vehicles that transport us around from place to place). When I hurt someone, I am also bruised (metaphorically).

I realize this is a perceptual shift that can bend the brain cells in ways that might impress cirque de sole. I invite you to “try it on.” The next time you’re feeling ill will or frustration about someone else, remind yourself of Oneness. I at times will say to myself, “The light in you reflects the light in me.” Find what works for you.

Plus, it just feels better when we are reminded how connected we are! We are all just trying to be happy and not suffer. You don’t have to believe me. Give it a try and see how it goes, and see what shifts start to occur for you.

If you’re diggin’ this topic of Oneness, perhaps try out a Loving Kindness Meditation.
You can find several guided Loving Kindness (or Meta) meditations on youtube.

Happy and safe holidays to you all!

Peace and love on your personal journey!

-Kathleen Sprole

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