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New Year abundance bundle

Clear out the blocks. Bring in the abundance.

· Kick Off with the Abundance Mindset Workshop ·

Before 2022 even gets here… the mind for a year of awesome!

December 19 7-8:30pm CT
Live Virtual Workshop (replay available)

Tired of feeling like abundance isn't available? Stuck in feelings of “there isn't enough?”
I totally get it.

In this workshop we'll get into the nitty gritty of how to shift your mindset to allow for all the abundance that's available for you. I'll let you know the exact shifts that I use and keep me in the flow of abundance.

You'll also get tips on what's blocking you and how to start making some shifts now. 

Leave the workshop with more hope and sense of purpose!

When you sign up now you'll also get a FREE guided meditation for bringing in abundance!

AND…those who attend the Abundance Mindset Workshop will get exclusive access to special pricing for the upcoming New Year Abundance Bundle!

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All of this, plus the bonus, for only $17 (yep, that's it)

· The New Year Abundance Bundle ·

Abundance is absolutely available to you. Let's do this!

Sign up for these individually, or save $50 by getting the Abundance Bundle

That means you get all three for only $345

Remember – those who attend the Abundance Mindset Workshop will get an extra special offer!

Here's what's in the Bundle

Clear Fears for Abundant Living
Virtual Course

This 6 module course takes you through steps and strategies to remove fears that have absolutely been blocking your access to the abundance you want in your life.

Starts Jan 10 

Abundance in Motion
6 Weeks of Meditation and Yoga

I'll take you through 6 weeks of meditation and yoga practices for clearing blocks and keeping the channel open to receiving

Starts Jan 1

Create Abundance
Home “Retreat”
A 3 Day Experiential

Packed with practices and experiences to cap off your first month of 2022, we'll focus on enhancing your abundance mindset to carry you through the year (and beyond)!

Jan 28-30th.

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