Naked in Nature {“One Moment Shifts” 5.1.2018}

Naked in Nature

I, as well as ba-zillions of others, find that being in nature allows for the most incredible calming, inspiring, and healing opportunities. There’s tons of cool research and articles out there about why exactly being away from the concrete jungle and instead among the trees and fresh air is so dang rejuvenating. You don’t need me to reiterate that. What I will share is that for me it’s like how I imagine toddlers feel running around outside naked: care free, alive, joy, bliss, content with the moment.

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“Is It Time to “F” You Self?” {from March 1 “One Moment Shifts”}

Is It Time to “F” Your Self?

Whoa! Say, what? Yep, today we’re going to talk about “F’ing” your self. Of course, I’m referring to Forgiving your self. This just may be the key to your happiness and freedom.

Forgiving others for what they have done, the ways they have hurt us, is very important in our journey to wellbeing and becoming our happiest selves. We have all been hurt by others, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Equally important (if not more important!) is learning to forgive ourselves.  We have all hurt others intentionally and unintentionally. We have also all hurt ourselves, intentionally or unintentionally.

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Staying Strong, Keeping On {from Feb 2017 “One Moment Shifts”}

Staying Strong, Keeping On

The intention for this month’s One Moment Shifts is to offer ideas and tools for staying strong when we are enduring something difficult that is more on-going than a one-time thing. Examples are grieving a relationship, managing a change in physical ability, stressful life changes (even when they are positive!). In addition, as you may have noticed, there is a lot going on in the world around us. There have been many efforts to encourage change and advocacy. This is beautiful, and it can be exhausting!
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Our Purpose is to Heal {from Jan 2017 “One Moment Shifts”}

Our Purpose is to Heal

This January, as we start the new calendar year and reflect on past progress and goals for the future, it’s essential to remember our purpose. When we have a purpose to our goals, a “why” that inspires our decisions and actions, something feels right and aligned. I refer to this as feeling “in the zone.”


I believe that our purpose is to heal. A Course In Miracles is a metaphysical text that teaches us that very idea. ACIM teaches us that a miracle is a shift in perception from fear (the ego, beliefs of lack, anger, worries, self- and other criticism) to love (our essence, unconditional compassion). These miracles happen in an instant and frequently when we are in line with our purpose, which is to heal.


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