Self-Compassion Online Course through OMC starts Feb 1!

Staring Thursday, OMC’s Self-Compassion Online Course will be taking off! We’ll dive into figuring out what exactly is Self-Compassion (and how it’s different from self-esteem, affirmations, and other positivity trainings), why Self-Compassion busts shame and self-critical thoughts and beliefs, and how to start bringing it into your life now. Most […]

How Mindfulness Is Like Walking On Your Hands

In this vlog I share with you how Mindfulness is a practice. We have mastered the art of mindlessness by distracting ourselves with what is going on outside of us. Mindfulness is the practice of turning inward, paying attention to the internal. Let’s get practicing! How Mindfulness Is Like Walking […]

You and a Friend – B1G1-HalfOff Time!

BOGO Half Off Time!!! We’re about to celebrate the day if love! I especially love to celebrate the deep, abundant love that is inherent in all of us. In celebration of the kind of love that you have and can share for the rest of your life…. It’s Buy1 Get1 […]